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I’m pretty much a foodie. I read about food, think about food, look at pictures of food, watch tv shows about food and talk about food. I am fairly well informed on the subject as a result. So imagine my surprise when I hear about the Smorgastarta. No, not the name of a Klingon warbird or whatever they’re called (ahem). This, my friends, is a Swedish sandwich cake. Yes. Swedish. Yes. Sandwich cake. Not since the ‘Cake Jumper’ has there been a cake marriage so ingenious. It’s a cake. A savoury sandwich cake. Those crafty Swedes make these beauteous things for family and friends to share on special occasions. The variations are limitless. And so very tasty. This is a cake made of layered bread, cream cheese, salmon, WHATEVER! My mind wanders to the possibility of cake-only meals. And then my mind smiles and nods its head. Done. Here’s a handy link to Paninihappy.com where you can learn how to create this queen of sandwiches.

Why not eat everything for lunch?http://www.kokaihop.se

What else have the Swedes been hiding from us?


Foodface LOVES the beautiful Kawaii font by Epso. In fact, I love all of Epso’s graphic and illustrative work. Check out www.1001head.com for the definition of a simple concept made magical with expert restraint, a whimsical imagination brought to life with clinical precision.

I loved the Kawaii font so much that I made colouring pages (you know, for kids) for you to print right out, for FREE! Big thanks to Epso for allowing me to use his work.

So form an orderly queue and make your way to the new KIDS page. These printables are so cool, it won’t be just kids that stick them on the wall…

Print me and colour me in!

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