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I am currently obsessed with Bento boxes. I have been experimenting with bento for my daughter’s school lunches with varying success. It’s a fantastic way to feed your kid, to use up leftovers, and to be creative with the food you feed the small people in your life. The Japanese are positively masterful when it comes to artifying their kids’ lunch box contents.

How did we end up eating nothing but sandwiches, here in the west?? Kawaii bento (or ‘cute’ bento) encompasses everything I love about modern Japan, the fantastic, the imaginative, the attention to detail, and always with a very unexpected twist. And food with faces? What’s not to love!?

Bento basically means ‘food served in a box’ which leaves things rather open to interpretation. I’ve been following some traditional recipes and experimenting a little also. If you’re curious to learn more, I’d recommend There is a great bento-for-dummies page here.

Here is a fantastic tutorial (with a killer soundtrack) that I followed this week. I managed to avoid another cameo on this time so I’ll add the photos shortly.


I’m pretty much a foodie. I read about food, think about food, look at pictures of food, watch tv shows about food and talk about food. I am fairly well informed on the subject as a result. So imagine my surprise when I hear about the Smorgastarta. No, not the name of a Klingon warbird or whatever they’re called (ahem). This, my friends, is a Swedish sandwich cake. Yes. Swedish. Yes. Sandwich cake. Not since the ‘Cake Jumper’ has there been a cake marriage so ingenious. It’s a cake. A savoury sandwich cake. Those crafty Swedes make these beauteous things for family and friends to share on special occasions. The variations are limitless. And so very tasty. This is a cake made of layered bread, cream cheese, salmon, WHATEVER! My mind wanders to the possibility of cake-only meals. And then my mind smiles and nods its head. Done. Here’s a handy link to where you can learn how to create this queen of sandwiches.

Why not eat everything for lunch?

What else have the Swedes been hiding from us?

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