I’m pretty much a foodie. I read about food, think about food, look at pictures of food, watch tv shows about food and talk about food. I am fairly well informed on the subject as a result. So imagine my surprise when I hear about the Smorgastarta. No, not the name of a Klingon warbird or whatever they’re called (ahem). This, my friends, is a Swedish sandwich cake. Yes. Swedish. Yes. Sandwich cake. Not since the ‘Cake Jumper’ has there been a cake marriage so ingenious. It’s a cake. A savoury sandwich cake. Those crafty Swedes make these beauteous things for family and friends to share on special occasions. The variations are limitless. And so very tasty. This is a cake made of layered bread, cream cheese, salmon, WHATEVER! My mind wanders to the possibility of cake-only meals. And then my mind smiles and nods its head. Done. Here’s a handy link to Paninihappy.com where you can learn how to create this queen of sandwiches.

Why not eat everything for lunch?http://www.kokaihop.se

What else have the Swedes been hiding from us?