There will probably be a number of times over my lifetime where I will say ‘You know, my mother was right about that/this’. She is a knowledgable woman and a sage giver of advice. Just what situations might one assume I am talking about? Well, perhaps my kid will eat that soap made to look like cake. Or maybe the black would have gone with more things. Yes, I should have called ahead to confirm, and maybe sea kayaking with my brothers did end in tears and not being able to uncurl my fists for 48 hours…

And if my mother has taught me anything useful in life, it is that clowns register their makeup with Clowns International by having an artist paint their portrait on an egg which is then stored at the Clown Egg Registry. When mother’s right, mother’s right.

My research yielded the following facts:

1. The British Clown’s Egg Registry is in a place called Wookey Hole Caves in Somerset. Yes, you read that right. Why didn’t I know this before? And what is a wookey hole? Well, like hobbit holes, but for wookeys (the old english spelling, no doubt).

2. Clowns, unlike most humans, actually lay eggs. As most humans fear clowns, they have evolved into asexual beings that reproduce just once in a lifetime, laying a small egg that will eventually crack open and about twelve clowns will come jumping and tumbling out. Just when you think they are all out, often one more will appear. And then another. And another. It truly is one of nature’s most majestic and hilarious sights.

If you actually want to read some real facts about this rather fascinating subject, click here. Yes, I think that is comic sans. Well, they are clowns.

Did I mention that the eggs are incredibly beautiful??  Luke Stephenson’s work says it best:


Bunny Rabbit