Once in a while, a piece of fruit, a vegetable or even a chip comes along that you know is special. Maybe you’re peeling carrots for dinner and from the depths of the bag, you see what appears to be a pair of disembodied and rather shapely carrot legs…or perhaps you are strolling through the produce dept. and you notice that a particular coconut is smiling knowingly, just at you…

Carrot Legs

Why, only the other evening did my partner arrive home to discover that there was a particularly jocular-looking mushroom stalk amongst us. I had saved it from the jaws of my stir fry and we were horsing around, taking photographs and sharing a joke, when Ian walked in on us…luckily he saw the funny side, and we all became firm friends.

A Really Fun Guy

These magical creatures exist, right under our noses. We only have to look carefully.

Kind Coconut

Freakish natural anomaly or message from the universe? Its up to us to decide, I suppose. I took this dolphin chip to be a symbol of human kind’s decimation of all marine life across our beautiful and majestic planet. But you may just think ‘Oh good, a crispy one’. The truth is, just like life, its all about the eyes we see it through.

Deep Fried Dolphin or French Fried Freak?