I am a big fan of CraftFail. Heather Mann has some brilliant ideas, and dear God, do those fails amuse me. Its like America’s Funniest Home Videos for craft, in case you haven’t yet had the pleasure.

So, one day I’m lurking about on Twitter, wondering why nobody ever mentions me, when I see a tweet from Heather that says:

‘Cupcake bakers, I respectfully request you NOT use the large round piping tip when frosting with chocolate.’

Tell me about it! I tweet back, realising that this is my time to shine. I shared this picture with Heather;

The Offending 'Poo Cakes'

You see, I didn’t just use the large, round piping tip. I made my own with a plastic bag. I don’t think that these cupcakes could have looked any more like turds if a dog had made them. Anyway, here is the resulting CraftFail magic.

Thanks Heather! Something tells me that we’ll be speaking again quite soon…